Falcon Underwear Cotton Stretch Boxer Briefs 3 pack
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    • PREMIUM NO RIDE UP BOXER BRIEF is the soft and very comfortable underwear that makes you look and feel great. Perfect for every day wear, for sports, and for your active life. From Falcon.
    • BODY DEFINING FIT THAT WON'T RIDE UP looks great under clothes. Won't make your pants look bulky. You get that slim fit that is so fashionable today. The fit is so good you'll forget you're wearing them.

    How is that great fit achieved? It's simple. These boxer briefs from Falcon Underwear combine natural cotton with modern styling to ensure the best fit and feel possible. There's no ride-up with these boxer briefs, which are designed to stay in place without feeling too snug. It's like getting total security and total freedom in one fashionable package, and we bet your current underwear just can't beat that. Designed for the active man who can't be bothered with wardrobe problems, these boxer briefs even help prevent the ever-inconvenient wedgie.

    A great fit is just part of what these boxer briefs are designed for though. They're also made to offer body-defining power that helps you look as great as you feel. Cut with a slim profile from lightweight material, they fit perfectly beneath the slim cuts and skinny styles that are so popular today. These boxer briefs will never look bulky or make it hard to put on your pants. They're a perfectly manly combination of soft and sleek that simply isn't found in most men's underwear.

    Styled with a comfortable pouch, these boxer brief keep your private bits securely in place without compromising on overall comfort too. It's the ideal design for men who like wearing snug-fitting clothing but hate to see unsightly and out-of-place bulges. Unlike some similar boxer briefs on the market, there's no fuss when it comes to washing these undies either. Simply toss them in the washing machine, and then allow them to air dry.

    We're proud to offer this classic-but-contemporary boxer brief from Falcon Underwear. Featuring the best in design and construction, we're sure you won't be disappointed.

  • 95% Cotton / 5% Elasthan

    Made with all natural 95% cotton for a very soft fit. We've added the perfect 5% Elasthan to give you that stretchy flexibility necessary for an outstanding body hugging fit.

    Easy to wash as they are fully machine washable. It's best not to tumble dry but hang up to dry. This preserves the perfect fit for wear after wear. Do not use bleach.